Canola Canter

What: The annual rides run by BWW in conjunction with Audax NSW. The challenge is to ride the nominated distance within a generous time limit. See the flyer for more detail.
When: Sunday, October 9th, 2022
Where: All rides start from the Wagga Wagga Beach
Entries close: Saturday, October 8th, 2022 at 19:30
Cost: Members of Audax Australia - $10 / rider. Non-Members of Audax Australia – Total $25 [extra $15 / rider for Individual Membership (Monthly) - Audax Australia Membership]
Online Entry only: Use the Audax Portal link -
For more Information: Call Ray Stenhouse on 0418 400 455.

Images from the Canola Canter 2021

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The 50km MT riders getting ready to leave.

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All riders just about to head out, an early morning start.

Canola Canter information
Since 1999 on the second Sunday in October BWW have run the Canola Canter. The Canola Canter is conducted under the rules of the Audax Club of Australia. These non-competitive rides involve riding a set distance within a time limit. Distances of 50km, 100km and 200km are available as road rides with a 50km mixed terrain ride also being offered.
The registration link for all events is: -

  • 50km road
  • 100km road

  • 50km MT
  • 200km road

The actual distances are 51km, 101km and 204km for the road rides and 51km for the mixed terrain ride.
More information and RideWithhGPS maps can be found at these links.
The links are:
51km road -
101km road -
204km road -
51km MT -
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The 100km road riders getting ready to leave.

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Final instructions before the 50km road riders head out.

COVID-19 Safety Measures
In order to be as COVID-19 safe as possible, some changes have been made to the usual format:
  • The number of riders in each event is limited to 50 riders;
  • Snacks will NOT be provided at controls. Riders should carry all their nutritional requirements or purchase these along their route (100km at Marrar and Coolamon and 200 km at Wagga and Junee);
  • Water will be available at Marrar, Millwood and Wagga Beach controls;
  • Riders can sign their own brevet card and should carry their own pen;
  • We ask that you observe social distancing at all stops;
  • To minimise the numbers at marshalling points, start times for each event will be staggered as follows:
    • The 200km Road ride starts at 7.30 AM.
    • The 100km Road ride starts at 7.30 AM.
    • The 50km Road ride starts at 8.30 AM.
    • The 50km Mixed Terrain ride starts at 8.30 AM.
All entries must be completed online. NO entries can be accepted on the day.

The registration link for all events is: -
As well as participating in the Canola Canter cyclists can also enjoy other challenging rides organised by Audax. Click on this link - Audax Club of Australia to find out more.