Where in the World has the BWW jersey been?

2023 - After COVID-19

Oamaru, New Zealand
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David Glastonbury having just completed the Alps to Ocean Cycle Tour. This is a 315km cycle tour in the South Island of New Zealand beginning at Mt Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain peak and finishing at the east coast, historic city of Oamaru.
The tour was supported by Cycle Journeys and was enjoyed by David and Lisa Glastonbury and cycling friend Megan Lathan.
(January 2023)
Southern Alps, New Zealand
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Jane Buchan on the A2O Cycle Trail in New Zealand. (February-March 2023)

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
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In February/March 2023, Graeme & Jane Buchan (founding members of BWW) at the completion of the “Alps2Ocean Cycle Trail” - Lake Tekapo to Oamaru, New Zealand.
Papatowai, New Zealand
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Jane Buchan at the unique “Lost Gypsy Cafe” Papatowai, The Catlins Coast, New Zealand. (February-March 2023)

Cromwell, New Zealand
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Graeme Buchan on the Dunstan Cycle Trail - Cromwell to Clyde, New Zealand. (February-March 2023)
Assos, Greece
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Ian and Emilie Graham, Greek Islands Bike Tour, overlooking the bay in Assos. (March 2023)

Hendaye, France
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In July 2023, Owen Plowman was pictured in his BWW Blue Jersey at the 2023 TdF Stage 3 in Hendaye, France.
Beaugency, France
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Owen Plowman and friend on a cycle touring of the Loire River Bike Trail. (June 2023)

Kefalonia, Greece
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The 'knees' have it, all pre-existing issues before the tour started. Roberta Bailey and friends pictured on the ferry to Kefalonia to begin the second last day of their island hopping tour in Greece. Fittingly the last day of their odyssey was to ride on the island of Ithaca, which coincidentally was the finally destination of the original 'Odyssey' epic tale. (March 2023)
Astakos, Greece
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Chris Bailey with Ian and Emilie Graham, waiting to board the ferry at Astakos to go to Kefalonia to start their second last day of their bike tour in the Greek Islands. (March 2023)

Jaizkibel, Spain
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Owen Plowman wearing the BWW Red Jersey at 2023 TdF Stage 2 (June-July 2023)

Kefalonia, Greece
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In March 2023, Ian and Emilie Graham, along with Roberta and Chris Bailey did a bike tour around the Greek Islands. This photo was taken on the ferry from Astakos to Kefalonia.
Blackrock Castle, Ireland
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Graeme Buchan on the cycle path, Cork to Blackrock Castle green way, featuring a loverly arched overpass for bicycles/walkers etc. previously used for trains.
(July 2023)

Crosshaven, Ireland
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Graeme and Jane Buchan hired e-bikes as a trial to cycle the greenway bike path, Cork to Crosshaven, Ireland - 65km return.
(July 2023)

Cork, Ireland
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A well earned beverage, Guinness of course !!
Cheers (Slainte) Graeme & Jane Buchan. (July 2023)