Peculiar Places in Australia the BWW jersey has been seen.

New South Wales
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John Louis, David Glastonbury and Mike Parkinson travelling along the Greymare Trail on their Snowy Mountains Bike Ride - 2015
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Geri Louis riding along the Linville to Blackbutt section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail in 2019. This section of the trail is one of the nicest rail trail rides anywhere in the world as it winds its way over the ranges through Benarkin State Forest.
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Sue Hooper and Graeme Poile exploring the Warburton Rail Trail in 2019. The trail starts at Lilydale, running through Yallock, Seville, Launching Pad, Yarra Junction, Wesburn and Millgrove finishing in Warburton. Or do it in reverse just for something different.
Western Australia
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John Louis watching the waves crashing onto a beach from the cliff line along the Great Ocean Way Trail near Esperance in 2015.
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Glenn Ross at the conclusion of his epic Capricornia ride on the Esplanade Boardwalk in Cairns. (2019)
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The Towonga Gap Road has a number of great viewing spots as John Louis can testify. The Towonga Gap Road runs from Mount Beauty to Bright. A good steady climb if you start your ride from the Mount Beauty side! Photo taken in 2018.

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Fiona Ross, climbing one of the many hills, as can be seen in the background, around the Bright-Ovens area in Victoria. This photo was taken on the Happy Valley Rd, Ovens in 2018.
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The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is 161kms in length and is currently Australia's longest Rail Trail. It winds its way from the Wulkuraka Station in Ipswich finishing in Yarraman. Geri Louis can be seen exploring a section of the trail through a cutting in 2019.
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Phil Powell at Whalers Lookout on the Mount Clay MTB Trail in the Narrawong State Forest. Whalers Lookout is significant for the local Indigenous people. It was from here that they would alert each other when a whale washed up on the beach in Portland Bay. The photo was taken March 4 2020.
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Emilie Graham standing at 'The Cross', 1845 metres above sea level.
'The Cross' is a marker on the Great Alpine Road indicating the highest point for year round accessibility on a sealed road in Australia. 2020
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Wayne 'Wal' Walgers at Miami Beach on the Gold Coast enjoying a refreshing drink. The gentleman wearing the BWW jersey is ex-Wagga boy, Ron Walden who just happens to be the uncle of our own Brett Walden! The photo was taken 8/12/2019.
New South Wales
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All loaded and beginning another adventure ride. Glenn Ross on the Olympic Way near Wallendbeen. Happy smile to start the journey, hopefully just as bright when he finished! Photo taken 2017.