Welcome to the website of Bicycle Wagga Wagga Inc.

Bicycle Wagga Wagga Inc. (BWW) is a Bicycle User Group (BUG). We are a not for profit group incorporated in NSW. Our purpose is to organise bicycle rides.

The objects of Bicycle Wagga Wagga Inc. are to:

  • promote the enjoyment of cycling for health, friendship, recreation and transport in the community,
  • promote recognition of cyclists’ needs, rights and responsibilities,
  • promote cycling safety through the education of all road users,
  • promote improvement of cycling facilities,
  • increase the number of cyclists,
  • develop a strong, vibrant organisation.

At this site, you will discover useful information about our group that we hope makes it easy for you to find out what we do, what we are going to do and what we’ve done. Hopefully you will want to participate too.

Feel free to browse around this site. If you have comments or questions about us or our activities, and want to contact us, call BWW’s President, Peta Adams, on 0447 411 545 or you could e-mail us.

Daylight Savings in NSW

      What: Daylight saving will begin again in NSW on Sunday 5th October
                 2014, when clocks will go forward one hour at 2:00 AM. With this
                 the Regular Sunday Ride and the Fat Tyred Ride move to an earlier
                 start. Both rides will start at 9:00 AM for the duration of Daylight
      When: From Sunday 5th October 2014.

The Fat Tyred Ride

      What: The monthly off-road ride where a MTB bike is great but any bike
                 with fatter tyres is the go. It’s not a ride for a road bike but
                 hybrids, tourers and of course MTBs will handle the tracks and
                 trails around Wagga Wagga.
      When: Sunday 5th October 2014 at 9:00 AM.
      Where: Wagga Beach, Johnston Street, Wagga Wagga.
      Contact: David Neil on 02 6926 2778.

The Canola Canter

      What: This is an opportunity to ride an Audax event in your own back yard.
                 The challenge is to ride a set distance within a time limit. The
                 distances available are 50km, 100km, 150km and 200km. The time
                 limits are calculated based on maintaining 15km/h.
      When: Sunday 12th October 2014.
                 7:30 AM start for 100km, 150km and 200km rides.
                 8:30 AM start for 50km ride.
                 Be there at least 15 minutes before the start time if pre-registered,
                 and 30 minutes if registering on the day.
      Online Entry: You can enter online
      Where: Wagga Beach, Johnston Street, Wagga Wagga.
      Contact: Ray Stenhouse on 0418 400 455.

The MTB Ride

      What: The monthly off-road ride where a MTB bike is essential. With
                 Pomingalarna Park on the city’s outskirts fantastic off-road riding
                 is only minutes away.
      When: Saturday 18th October 2014 at 1:30 PM.
      Where: Wagga City Golf Club.
      Contact: Ray Loiterton on 0429 402 240.

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